Cheyna… The Little Dreamer

If you’ve been following us from the start, you’ll know that my company, She’s Cheyna, was born in 2017. Since then we have grown from strength to strength. Now, in 2020, we will have our very own Event & Floral Studio! Your complete event solution, now all under one roof!

How did we get here?Throughout my childhood I was called a dreamer. “Hello, earth to Cheyna!”, “hallo, word wakker!”, “ooh, our little dreamer”. If I had a coin for every time I heard this… I’d own a bank!

NEVER be discouraged by this. What was a friendly tease became my livelihood. I tried fitting into the cookie cutter life (study, get a job, earn a salary), but before I could even properly start that life, my DREAMS took me on another path. Josie Bisse said, “dreams come in a size too big so that we may grow into them”.

Growing takes hard work and dedication. Take the human body, for example. Even while we’re sleeping our amazing cells and organs are working hard to grow and repair our bodies. So growth does not just come from dreaming. It takes action too.

A year ago I dreamt a dream of having a space. What that space was, I was not sure yet. But I didn’t want to dream it because I didn’t think it possible. Then, in May, while attending a business conference with a dear friend of mine, I started (you guessed it😉) day-dreaming and just got this clear vision… Sorry to the speaker… I don’t think I heard your full message! 🙂 

She’s Cheyna was to have an event & floral studio! I saw the chandelier and everything!

For the first time the picture was vivid. I tried suppressing it because of fear, doubt, time constraints, comfort zone, you name it! Entrepreneurship is a real test of one’s faith! But… The dream kept creeping in… Kept persisting… Until I gave in and followed the dream with actions.

Skip a few months… I can proudly say that as from January 2020, She’s Cheyna will have a professional home base in Pretoria! We look forward to welcoming you to our creative space and dreaming with you to bring your wedding and event dreams to life in 2020 and beyond!

Nike says, “just do it”. I say, “if you dream it, you can do it!”. Give your dreams a chance. Put action to it. Put work into it. Mould it into a vision. Else it just stays a dream and you’ll stay a “little dreamer”.

Here’s to all the dreamers out there! Cheers!