Why Flowers Can Make You Blooming Happy!

Ever received a bunch of blooms and NOT immediately smiled? Chances are, no! For centuries flowers have played such a huge role in us saying “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “happy birthday”, “congratulations”, “you’re appreciated” and “thinking of you”. So there must be some backing as to how this tradition has outlasted the years. Let’s take a look at 4 reasons why having flowers in your home or office, or sending flowers to someone, can change a life – literally!

  1. Anxiety. Many studies have shown that receiving a bunch of flowers can reduce stress and anxiety, and temporarily restore calm to a situation; to the point where patients in hospitals that had flowers in their room reported feeling less anxious than ones that did not.
  2. Oxygen. Living plants as well as cut flowers produce 10 times more oxygen than they use. In enclosed offices, hospital rooms and homes, this is greatly beneficial, as oxygen boosts brains cells, which helps with your concentration and memory.
  3. Teamwork… makes the dream work! As an employer, simply adding flowers to your office has been proven to enhance moods and boost creativity and productivity. The first two reasons link to this quite easily, and just like team-building is important, so is the presence of a beautiful bunch of blooms!
  4. Reconnection. Receivers of flowers will most often meaningfully reconnect with the person they received from and build on that relationship. For friends and family, this can be a special way to stay connected in today’s busy life, or even more so, in lockdown visiting restrictions. In business, sending flowers to old and new clients alike just makes good business sense. To keep on building that trust relationship is invaluable. Michael Andrew of A2M Business Coaching & Consulting is a business coach known to get results and he says: “Building relationships with your clients is very important. This can be done in many ways. Something like giving a bouquet of flowers can often help you to connect with them on a more personal level and show that you know who they are. This can be especially effective when you know that they are going through a tough time and you want to show that you understand and care”.

According to research from Rutgers University professor of psychology, Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D.*, “Flowers have evolved to activate positive emotional responses from people…Each bloom has the potential to put a smile on our face and sway our opinion of a friend, colleague or loved one. That’s powerful.”

Flowers are a language of their own, and this is why She’s Cheyna also offers floral artistry in-house. We see the value that blooms bring to the table and we want each and every bouquet we work with to influence the world positively! Yes, we are wedding and event planners, and yes see receiving even the smallest of floral arrangements as an event, because it can turn a day around for the better and create a special memory!
So the next time you’re not sure how to say something… say it with flowers and let She’s Cheyna help you celebrate life’s milestones!