Why Hire A Wedding Planner?

Is your big day on the way? Are you contemplating whether or not to hire a wedding planner? We are here to tell you that not only is it a necessity, but it will also be the first gift you and your significant other give to each other. Trust us!

Yes, the main job of a planner is to make your entire wedding and its preparations run smoothly. But let’s have a closer look at the other benefits. We here at She’s Cheyna believe that there is so much more detail and complexities that form part of the art of planning your wedding – from the ‘yes’ you gave to your fiancé to the final ‘I do’!

Wedding Planners are essential for your big day because we are the warriors you have always been looking for. We fight to make sure that your vision is executed right to the very end. We touch base with suppliers on a regular basis to make sure all who are involved in the wedding keeps your vision in mind at all times. While many vendors and suppliers are busy with more than one wedding per day or per weekend, your wedding planner is solely focused on your special day and will push to make sure that the whole process stays on track and that the end product looks exactly like the fairy tale image you dreamed of.

The planner you hire for your unique day will become your channel in a variety of different ways: Feeling stressed and irritated with vendors? Let your planner be your mediator. Struggling with saying no to family members that do not share in your vision or tend to take over? We’ve have got your back, sister! Let your planner be the one to communicate with them in a professional manner that will not sever any family ties. After all, we want that happily-ever-after in the end! 🙂 
Weddings planners are the ones responsible for carrying out all decisions that the happy couple makes whilst keeping all the nitty-gritty details that are often times overwhelming for the couple to themselves. A very good example is my own wedding. As a wedding planner, I did not listen to my own advice and thought I could do it all. When, two weeks before my wedding, I did a check-in with my venue to see if all was still on track (which many brides forget to do, by the way!), they said “congratulations, when are you getting married?”. Uhm. What?! The venue coordinator had changed three times with no one doing a hand over, and one week before my wedding I was contemplating just moving the whole reception to another venue that was not as nice but at least I was familiar with. Wowzers! Please don’t do this. My poor makeup artist had to work a miracle to cover the bags under my eyes! In short: even a wedding planner needs a wedding planner for her own special day so that she can enjoy the process and focus on the most important part – marrying her best friend. 
Wedding planners keep things stress-free on an emotional, as well as financial level. Not only do we provide the service of planning and organising all of the logistics around your wedding day, we also provide you with some expert tips and insights into the world of weddings. A good planner has built-in relationships and connections with a wide variety of suppliers, which can save you from making an expensive mistake. We also know what products and services costs in the industry, making us very useful for assisting with drawing up a realistic budget so no surprises give anyone heart attacks. And one thing we definitely know how to do- whether it comes naturally to us or we had to learn the hard way- is knowing how to work on budget. Not only can we plan your perfect day within your budget, but we can also advise you on where it would be wise to cut some money and add to other aspects of the wedding. For example, good fine dining food and a live band were very important to my husband and I. We then made sure to be sparing on the wedding stationery, for example, so we could reallocate that money into what was important to us – which generally costs a bit more :-). Planners have special ninja negotiating ‘powers’ with vendors on your behalf, keeping the full vision in mind so that the wedding in its entirety stays within budget. So use it!

Last but not least, we want you to make the most of your wedding by avoiding the ultimate pitfall: not being present in every moment. A planner is vital in making sure that the only thing you experience on your special day is love and the knowledge that everything is running smoothly… Well, that’s what we want you think while we are very gracefully and subtly extinguishing all the fires behind the scenes and re-adjusting things all with your dream vision in mind. 

Have you hired a wedding planner? What was your wedding planning experience? Share with us in the comments below!