A Toast To Remember

Being an event planner that LOVES weddings, you can imagine I have seen my fair share of toasts. A handful have been absolutely spectacular! Most are good. But there have been a fair few flops too, unfortunately. So if you have the all important job of giving a toast coming up, here’s a few tips to make sure you nail it:

🥂Toasting Etiquette: Traditionally, the best man is the first to offer a toast, followed by the groom, and then the father of the bride. However, these days, it’s common for other family members and friends to also give toasts.

🥂Types of Toasts: There are typically three types of toasts at weddings: the welcome toast, the toast to the bride and groom, and the thank-you toast.

🥂Length of Toasts: I cant stress this enough. I have sat through far too many that start strong… then go on… and on… and on… A good wedding toast is usually short and sweet, lasting no more than a few minutes. It should be heartfelt and memorable without dragging on.

🥂Humour: Adding a touch of humour to a wedding toast can make it more engaging and enjoyable for the guests. However, it’s important to keep it tasteful and respectful. The Bachelors and Bachelorette is over!

🥂Props and Visuals: Some people like to use props or visual aids during their toasts, such as photos or a slideshow, to add an extra special touch to their words. Just make sure all your guests can see it, else the essence will be lost.

🥂Practice Makes Perfect: It’s a good idea for anyone giving a wedding toast to practice beforehand to ensure they deliver it confidently and without stumbling over their words. Even better, habe someone close to you listen to you, to make sure they think if flows well and your jokes are tasteful too.

🥂Emotional Impact: A well-delivered wedding toast can be one of the most memorable moments of the reception, and gifts to thr happy couple, often leaving a lasting impression on the bride, groom, and guests alike.

Did you find this helpful? Let us know. And feel free to share this blog with your friends and family.