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The expertise of an Event Planner and/or Event Designer is invaluable when it comes to saving you time, and stress, adding professional advice and certain je ne sais quoi to your event or wedding! She’s Cheyna wants to see every event run flawlessly,  so if you are considering enlisting the help of a professional Planner, Coordinator, or Event Designer, please see some of the services we offer below to get an idea of how we can make your load of planning an event or wedding lighter. Alternatively, please book a consultation with Cheyna to create a package best suited to your budget and needs.

You will notice that we do not have “packages”, as we believe that each and every client has unique needs and no one event can be put into a box. For this reason, all our services are itemized separately, and billed as such, to create an exclusive and tailor-made experience for every client.

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Venue Sourcing

This service is for the overwhelmed client that does not have the industry knowledge, or time to acquire it, and wants to find the perfect venue! Venue Sourcing includes finding three possible venues that suit your taste, budget and preferred date; a consultation to present found venues; site visits to venues if requested; and booking the venue on behalf of the client once a decision has been made.

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Vendor Management

This service includes managing all accounts and communication between client and vendor/supplier on the client’s behalf. She’s Cheyna will manage any changes or hick-ups that might occur, in order to keep the client stress-free.

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Décor Setup & Teardown

Please book a consultation to discuss your décor needs, and a formal quotation will be supplied.

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Media Design

She’s Cheyna also handles the design of any stationery or advertising material needed for the event to take place. Please request an accurate quotation based on client’s needs and budget.

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Budgeting Advice

The expertise of an event planner/designer can, in fact, save you money. Book a Budgeting Advice consultation to receive comprehensive advice on budgeting for your wedding/event and have a comprehensive budget drawn up, including contingencies, so that little to no surprises will spoil your festivities.

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Function Planning Schedule

Keep your function’s planning on track by following our simple planning schedule, worked out just for you, and alterable by you!

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Day-of Schedule

Have someone that can keep to a schedule but don’t know what to do when? She’s Cheyna will work out a detailed day-of schedule for you to stick to on the day of your event. This includes wedding day schedules, rehearsals, and event proceedings/ programmes. If you need it scheduled, we can do it!

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Hourly Consultations

Every client at She’s Cheyna gets two free consultations per function: the first is to meet with the client in person to discuss the event brief (what is needed from the team for the event); the second is to discuss the event proposal/quotation compiled for the client and make alterations where necessary. Thereafter we are glad to assist you at an hourly rate for further consulting (e.g. cake tasting, site visit to venue, accompanying to dress fittings, etc.).

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Day-of Coordination

For any event to go off without a hitch, a coordinator needs to be put in charge. If you would like an experienced Event Coordinator to take charge of the day so that you, your family and your guests can enjoy every moment, day-of coordination is the service for you! We take a minimum booking of 6 hours (simply because less than this does not add any value to you), and have no maximum. We are available whenever and for however long you need us! This service includes unlimited emails – we are a resource to you and communication is key to the success of any event!

Please contact us for an accurate quotation on half/full day coordination for your event, as each event’s needs are different; e.g. extra assistants may be necessary - limited setup time, intricate décor, more than one venue, rehearsal dinners, etc.

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Travelling & Accommodation Costs

She’s Cheyna is not restricted with Travelling for our clients’ events. Travelling & accommodation costs may be charged where necessary. This includes travel by car, flight and any toll fees incurred. She’s Cheyna reserves the right to decide modes of transport or accommodation, within reason. These costs will be added to the quotation when it is necessary.

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